Case news: a settlement, a DOJ statement of interest, and yet another brief

We’ve had a busy month at FoxRob world headquarters.   Late last month, the DOJ filed a Statement of Interest in our case against the decorative steps at the front world! of most Hollister stores.  We really appreciate the DOJ weighing in on the new 2010 Standards and making clear that the sort of separate access provided at Hollister stores does not comply.  We also filed a reply brief in support of our request for summary judgment.  At two pages, it was indeed a brief brief!

On July 2, we appeared before Judge Alsup seeking the go-ahead to issue notice and proceed toward approval of the settlement in the second phase of the Burger King case.  Here is a copy of the notice and here is a copy of the settlement agreement.   It was a short hearing, but gave us the opportunity 10 to hang with our awesome co-counsel and get some excellent wholesale mlb jerseys Vietnamese lunch arguments; after.

Finally, yesterday we filed the latest brief — along with six declarations and wholesale jerseys numerous supporting exhibits — in the never-ending saga of organizational and associational standing in our case against the City of Denver for failure to provide sign language interpreters to deaf arrestees wholesale mlb jerseys and detainees.  In this latest round, we also responded to the City’s last-minute (trial is scheduled to start September 4) attempt to Noise argue that they have new policies that make our wholesale mlb jerseys claims moot.  Unfortunately, their new policies wholesale nba jerseys are pretty incomplete, and do not come with any improvements in training, so it is very unlikely To… that they will result in real-world changes for deaf inmates.