Below are summaries and links to cases and pleadings filed by Fox & Robertson between 1996 and 2013.  F&R is not taking new cases.  If you believe you have encountered discrimination, please check in with the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center.

Antoninetti v. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Amicus Brief to the Ninth Circuit on the question whether customer service policies can constitute “equivalent facilitation” and thereby excuse full compliance with the DOJ Standards for Accessible Design.

Barber v. Colorado Department of Revenue

Lawsuit against the State of Colorado for failure to make reasonable accommodations in its driver’s license laws to permit a sighted designee to supervise a 15-year-old’s driving in lieu of her mother, who is blind.

Castaneda v. Burger King Corp.

This case was a class action against Burger King Corp. challenging violations of Title III of the ADA and state law for architectural barriers to persons who use wheelchairs or scooters in certain California restaurants.  On September 25, 2009, the Court certified class actions covering ten Burger King restaurants in Northern California.  The case settled in 2010.

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (“CCDC”) v. City and County of Denver

Lawsuit against the City for barriers in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

CCDC v. Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, Ltd.

Lawsuit against the owners and operators of a baseball park relating to accessible seating.

CCDC v. Fey Concert Company

Action against the owners and operators of a the Fiddler’s Green amphitheater alleging violation of the ADA and state law (including violation of the state consumer protection act) for failing to provide dispersed, wheelchair-accessible and companion seating.

CCDC v. Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Lawsuit challenging accessibility and policies of over-the-road buses

CCDC v. Taco Bell Corp.

Class action against Taco Bell Corp. alleging violations of the ADA and state law for narrow queue lines and high service counters in Colorado restaurants.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts and National Federation of the Blind v. E*Trade Access, Inc.

Action under Title III of the ADA challenging ATMs that are inaccessible to blind people. 

Ehman v. Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Denver

Action under Title III of the ADA against the Parade of Homes, an exhibition of custom houses that is open to the public for an admission fee.

Farrar-Kuhn v. Conoco, Inc.

Action under the ADA against an owner and operator of a chain of gas stations and convenience stores for various accessibility violations.

Gooden v. Timpte, Inc.

Title VII action involving racial harassment.

Housing for All v. Monroe Group, Inc.

Lawsuit under the Fair Housing Act challenging discrimination on the basis of familial status.

Kyle v. City and County of Denver

Lawsuit challenging accommodations for inmates who use wheelchairs in the Denver County Jail.

Lane v. Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District

Action under the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and California state law against the operator of a fixed-route bus system for discrimination against blind and visually impaired persons by failing to announce bus stops and routes.

Lincoln Property Company, N.C., Inc. v. Wagner Architectural Team, Ltd.

Fair Housing Act suit challenging inaccessible apartments under design and construct standards.

Lucas v. Kmart Corp.

Class action under Title III of the ADA against a department store chain for inaccessible merchandise aisles, check-out aisles, parking and other features.

Richardson v. City of Steamboat Springs

Action under Title II and the Rehabilitation Act against municipality for inaccessible bus system and other inaccessible city programs and services.

Rossart v. Developmental Pathways, Inc.

Class action lawsuit alleging that state agency failed to provide proper notice under Medicaid

Scott v. City and County of Denver

This lawsuit, filed in January, 2012, challenges accommodations for people who are deaf and in the custody of the Denver Police Department and the Denver County Jail.  Fox & Robertson, with co-counsel Carrie Ann Lucas, of the Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities, are suing the City and County of Denver for its failure to provide sign language interpreters and other accommodations to such individuals.

Shepherd v. United States Olympic Committee and Hollonbeck v. United States Olympic Committee

Action under Rehabilitation Act and ADA against the USOC based on discriminatory support and funding for Paralympic athletes.

Taylor v. Regional Transportation District

Action against transit agency alleging violations of the ADA and Rehabilitation Act based on frequently broken lifts, passbys, improper wheelchair securement, failure to announce stops, retaliation and other allegedly discriminatory policies and practices.

Ulibarri v. City and County of Denver

Action against the City and County of Denver for failure to provide sign language interpreters and other accommodations to deaf arrestees and detainees.

Vallabhapurapu v. Burger King Corp.

This case picked up where Castaneda left off, that is, it is a class action challenging violations of Title III of the ADA and state law at approximately 86 additional Burger King restaurants in which Burger King Corp. was on the lease.  On October 25, 2012, the Court granted final approval to our settlement agreement with Burger King Corp.

Williams v. City and County of Denver

Action under the ADA and Rehabilitation Act against Denver relating to accessibility of parking facilities and policies at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Williams v. Hermanson Family Limited Partners

Title III claim against downtown stores to install ramp.

Williams v. University of Denver

Action by law school graduate under the ADA and Rehabilitation Act against law school for various discriminatory practices and architectural barriers.

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