On August 24, 2012, the judge issued his 40-page Final Order and Judgment in our Anderson case.   Mr. Anderson prevailed on his claim A for outdoor exercise, and in part on his claim for access to mental health care, though only under the 8th Amendment, not the ADA or Rehab Act.  The judge ruled for the state on his due process claims.  While we’re disappointed in the due process result, we’re very excited that our client will have regular outdoor exercise for the first time in 12 years.

And here at Fox & Robertson, we remain in awe of the incredible clinical profs Title and students at the DU Civil Rights Clinic who we co-counseled with:  Professors Laura Rovner and Brittany Glidden; and students Katy Hartigan, Maha Kamal, Brenden Desmond, Courtney Longtin, Matt Court, Lee Knox, Ashley Wheeland, and Patrick Curnalia.

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