FoxRob NewsFlash.   We finished a seven-day trial of the Anderson case on Tuesday.   It was a bench trial internet and the judge wholesale NFL jerseys took the case under advisement.  Nelerdir? He also left the evidence open until May 25 to permit the parties to review a new regulation the Department plans to issue on May 15 that may address one samorz?dów: of the issues in one of the claims.

We got a bit of press coverage the day of closing arguments.

It was an world! amazing Night experience for me to work with the DU law school Civil Rights Clinic on this case.   The students were passionate, enthusiastic, and skilled lawyers.  As one of our opposing counsel said, it sounded to him like lawyers ML283 trying the case, not student lawyers.   Which brings me to another satisfying thing about cheap MLB jerseys this trial:  opposing counsel were mensches.  Totally, completely wrong on the wholesale nfl jerseys facts and law, of course, but very friendly, civilized lawyers and decent people.


Anderson Trial Team


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